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ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTERA: Build Rome in a day – May 2015 | January and February 2016 [= Bergamo – I bambini della scuola ricostruiscono in carta colorata un nuovo modello del centro dell’Antica Roma]. Columna, non Colomna! (2016).

Rome in a day
A philological approach
In January 2015 we begun to project a philological reconstruction of ancient Rome based on the “Atlante di Roma Antica”. This has been possible thanks to this huge catalogue of all the evidence of ancient roman architecture and urban design made by Carafa and Carandini. Every building between the Colosseum and the Forum of Trajan has been studied and designed on Microsoft Publisher.

Our special colleagues
In May 2015 we proposed to our school children this ambitious project. Every building of the ancient town centre has been designed to be consistent with school equipment. Some detail has been modified in order to avoid an excess of miniaturization which could be too hard to manage for the students. More than 60 children worked on it very passionately and after 2 hours our project became reality.

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A time travel
In January and February 2016 we presented the model in all the public libraries of Bergamo with a series of history lessons attended by hundreds of students. We made them jump into Roman history thanks to our paper model, 3D views of Rome, Apps, and some extract of narrative for children that told them what could mean live in that time.

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— Build Rome in a day, in: Columna, non Colomna!… Not all the mistakes are a failure (2016).