ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA e RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: As the USA and Europe Panics, Panders and Kneels before the CoronaVirus – the New Prince of Despair. The Italians tell the Corona Prince: “Li mortacci tua!” (16 March 2020 / M. G. Conde).

Over the last several days, as the people of the United States and other European nations show signs of unnecessary panicking in the wake of the advancing threat of the ‘Chinese’ CoronaVirus. As an American, it is really an embarrassment to have to hear President Trump in a special news conference on 15 March 2020, somewhat hint and reaffirm to the American people there is no need to rush out and buy 30-50 rolls of toilet paper.

While on the other hand, also these last few days, the news coverage here in the USA on the CoronaVirus, specifically in reference to medical, social and economic effects on the people of Italy. Sadly the USA news coverage of the situation in Italy, makes it sound as if the Italian have already surrendered and are just waiting to roll over and die in the face of the CoronaVirus – the New Prince of Despair.

Realistically, as American with somewhat close academic and social ties to the city of Rome (Feb. 1999 thru present) and elsewhere in Italy, I might have a biased opinion leading towards a more favoring opinion of the Italians, particularly in this current very difficult medical emergency confronting Italy.

Here again, thanks to the 24/7 instantaneous access to social media resources, the news from Italy as shared by the Italian newspapers and television stations, and more importantly information directly by the Italian (Roman) people themselves. I can honestly say the Italian people, even with this deire medical crisis hanging over their heads and fundamentally bringing Italy to a stand-still, and emptying life out of the normally active and crowded Piazza’s throughout the country. The Italian have not given up, and are actually turning to centuries old Italian traditions and innovations to help Italy maintain a sense of normalcy so they can continue being Italian after the CoronaVirus has been defeated and overcome on a national and international level.

Here again with access to the Italian news and social media resources it is rather amazing how well the Italians have behaved in light of this Italian and international medical emergency.

Remember the CoronaVirus – the New Prince of Despair might be rearing its ugly head in Italy, the second most nation medically affected by the virus. Yet, once you learn to understand, become aware, appreciate, value and respect the gift of the ‘Italian Genius’ and its traditions and innovations (on a local, regional and nation level) which have also graciously bestowed and shared by the Italians with the rest of the world for centuries now. Only then can you understand what Italy or rather the Italian people have instore for the CoronaVirus! Let’s just say to use the ‘Roman’ slang term of “”Li mortacci tua!” is putting it mildly.

Mille grazie and respect to the Italian (Genius) people.

Martin & Muppet.
(16 March 2020).

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