ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTERA: Germania | Angela Merkel – Coincidenza? – ‘DAIMLER – VW & BMV’ – “Le case automobilistiche tedesche hanno sostenuto studi che esponevano persone e scimmie allo scarico di auto tossiche.” THE WASHINGTON POST (29/01/2018) & THE NEW YORK TIMES (25/01/2018).

1). WorldViews – German carmakers backed studies exposing people and monkeys to toxic car exhaust. THE WASHINGTON POST (29/01/2018).

BERLIN — When German carmaker Volkswagen acknowledged last year that it was guilty of cheating on diesel emissions tests, the fallout cost the company $25 billion. But the full extent of the company’s willingness to sideline ethics concerns to increase profits is still emerging. Three German carmakers appear to have commissioned or supported a study in 2014 which exposed monkeys and humans to exhaust fumes and nitrogen dioxide, according to German media reports on Monday.

The study by the European Research Group on Environment and Health in the Transport Sector (EUGT) was never published, and the research institute overseeing it has since been dissolved. All three carmakers involved in the study — Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen — distanced themselves from the research over the weekend.


— THE WASHINGTON POST (29/01/2018).


2). EUROPE. 10 Monkeys and a Beetle: Inside VW’s Campaign for ‘Clean Diesel.’ THE NEW YORK TIMES (25/01/2018).

FRANKFURT — In 2014, as evidence mounted about the harmful effects of diesel exhaust on human health, scientists in an Albuquerque laboratory conducted an unusual experiment: Ten monkeys squatted in airtight chambers, watching cartoons for entertainment as they inhaled fumes from a diesel Volkswagen Beetle.

German automakers had financed the experiment in an attempt to prove that diesel vehicles with the latest technology were cleaner than the smoky models of old. But the American scientists conducting the test were unaware of one critical fact: The Beetle provided by Volkswagen had been rigged to produce pollution levels that were far less harmful in the lab than they were on the road.

The results were being deliberately manipulated.

The Albuquerque monkey research, which has not been previously reported, is a new dimension in a global emissions scandal that has already forced Volkswagen to plead guilty to federal fraud and conspiracy charges in the United States and to pay more than $26 billion in fines.


— THE NEW YORK TIMES (25/01/2018).


— Marc Israel Seleem (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM | FEBRUARY 27, 2014) Copyright © Jpost Inc [01/2018].