ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: Dr. IDO MEIR, Tel-Aviv University, Israel (M.A. & B.A.) – Looking for research position (at the Colosseum) in Rome (22/07/2017). Foto: Archeologia Urbana e di Archeologia Medievale dell’Università di Roma Tre | Roma 3 Scava | FACEBOOK (28/06/2017).

To the Italian and International readers of the ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA (2010-17) Blog.

Dr. Ido Meir of the Tel-Aviv University, Israel and a specialist in the studies of Archeology and Archeological Material (M.A. & B.A) needs information and assistance on finding a research postion at the Colosseum of Rome.

Here is a brief summary of Dr. Ido Meir CV and his contact information:

Ai lettori italiani e internazionali della ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA (2010-17) Blog.

Il dottor Ido Meir dell’Università di Tel Aviv, Israele e uno specialista negli studi di Archeologia e Materiale Archeologico (M.A. & B.A) necessita di informazioni e assistenza per trovare un posto di ricerca presso il Colosseo di Roma.

Ecco un breve riassunto del Dr. Ido Meir CV e delle sue informazioni di contatto:


Software Q.A course at Practis school, H’kfar Hyarok
Graduated January 2017

Tel-Aviv University, Israel
M.A. Archeology and Archeological Material
Graduated October 2015

Tel-Aviv University, Israel
B.A. Archeology and Geography (Cum Laude)
Graduated October 2011

06/16-Present Archivist at Tel Aviv university general archive
02/16- 08/17 Israeli Antiques Authority Group guide at Adulam Park Archeological guide for the Authority’s “Israel Journey”. Archeological dig according to acceptable scientific standards. Guidance of and responsibility for youth groups taking part in the dig, including ethics, values and safety.

10/13 – 11/14 Tel-Aviv University
The comparative microarcheology lab
Researcher at the institute of archeology and ancient near eastern cultures.
Scientific research using petrographic tools and methodology.

11/11 – 11/14
Social Sciences and Management Library, Tel-Aviv University
Library Steward
Library reorganization and absorption and organization of literary material (removal of old material, reformatting of library collection and intake of new literature). Responsible for acceptance and storage of literary material and its organization. Preservation and maintenance of the literary material. Tracking and correction of literary material and finding of relevant sources.

Tel-Arsuf Archeological site
Archeological excavation area
Managed digging team in the D1 area on site, part of the Israeli Antiques Authority collaboration with the institute of archeology and ancient near eastern cultures. Responsible for height measurements, logging of daily digging log and documentation of dig findings forms. General sketching of digging squares.


2015 Thesis project: Research at the comparative microarcheological lab at the Tel-Aviv University. Conducted in-depth research including course collection, cross-validation and summary of hundreds of sources. Analysis and identification of the types and origins of the raw materials of which stone axes were produces using chemical analysis and petrographic research of samples that were refined from these tools.
Specialized in the study of Lithic raw material using petrographic and chemical analysis (pXRF).
Lab work including behavior near dangerous material, use of light-polarizing microscope, use of tools and materials for the preparation of petrographic slides, use of petrographic methods and equipment to analyze and identify various samples while comparing relevant literature and comparative samples.
Took part in archeological dig at Tel-Socho site, experiementing with scientific research and operation of research lab on site.

2011 Multi-disciplinary course in archeology and geography
Graduated with distinction with a final mark of 92.
Specialized in archeology of the Land of Israel.
Successfully completed digging archeologist accreditation, including practical accreditation.
Participation in several archeological digging seasons at the Apolonia-Arsuf site. In these digs experimented with scientific research and management of digging site.

Tel-Aviv University, Israel (M.A. & B.A.).

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— ROMA 3 SCAVA – Studenti e archeologia sul campo – Studenti e archeologia sul campo, laboratori al Colosseo e al Foro della Pace. ROMA 3 SCAVA | FACEBOOK (2017).