ROMA ARCHEOLOGIA e RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: P. Baldassarri, Indagini archeologiche a P. Valentini. Nuovi dati per la ricostruzione del tempio di Traiano (171-202) & M. Rispoli, Gli scavi di Giuseppe Gatti per la costruzione del P. delle Assicurazioni Generali, 123-170; in: RM 122 (2016).

1).ROMA – Maria Rispoli, Gli scavi di Giuseppe Gatti per la costruzione del Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali in piazza Venezia a Roma, RM 122 (2016), 123-170.

Abstract: This study was carried out as part of the “Radici del Presente” project. “Radici del Presente” is a museum that collects findings from the excavations made by Giuseppe Gatti in 1902–1904 at the site of the future Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali in Rome’s Piazza Venezia. After its creation, the museum began systematically collecting the original excavation documents. The discovery of a number of unpublished documents made it possible to closely examine the structures that have been built in the area and to identify the different settlement phases affecting the site between the first century BC and the fifth century AD. This study focused, in particular, on the settlement dynamics of the block, aiming to yield insight into the following aspects: the arrangement of an extended public area that can be traced to the pre-Trajan age, the construction of a residential complex in the age of Hadrian formed by a domus and an insula, and the function of some rooms belonging to a public building recently discovered at Piazza della Madonna di Loreto and acknowledged as the Athenaeum.
Keywords: Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali, Piazza Venezia, Giuseppe Gatti, Auditorium, Athenaeum

ROMA – Paola Baldassarri, Indagini archeologiche a Palazzo Valentini. Nuovi dati per la ricostruzione del tempio di Traiano e Plotina divi RM 122 (2016), 171–202.

Abstract: Recent excavations carried out in the cellars on the south side of Palazzo Valentini have revealed structures dating from the early Hadrianic Era, which belong to the staircase and podium of a temple lying to the north of the court of Trajan’s Column. Presumably, this structure is the Temple of Trajan and Plotina divi. A large foundation made of strong conglomerate, and a system of buttresses and barrel vaults linked on the northern side to underground rooms covered by cross vaults that was investigated in 2005, suggest that the temple was a very large building with an octastyle front. The most distinguishing architectural elements that can be related to the temple are huge gray granite monolithic columns discovered in the area around Palazzo Valentini in the sixteenth century. The area, where some relics of the previous urbanization are still to be found, was arranged in Hadrian’s time on its own level, which presumably corresponds to the square of Trajan’s Forum and the so-called Athenaeum.
Keywords: Piazza Venezia, Palazzo Valentini, Temple of Trajan and Plotina divi, podium, column, vault, staircase


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