ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: ROME – Renzi warns Rome mayor Marino to govern or ‘go home’, Gazzetta del Sud On Line (16|06|2015).

Rome, June 16 – Premier Matteo Renzi said Tuesday that Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino is a good guy, but he should not relax about an ongoing corruption scandal adding that if the mayor cannot do his job, he should go home. “Marino is an upstanding person,” said the premier amid rising political controversy over the Rome Mafia Capitale scandal. “I’m interested in whether the administration cleans the streets, fixes potholes, deals with emergencies,” added Renzi, who later appeared in the homes of Italians via the popular television talk show Porta a Porta. “If they know how to govern they should do so, if not they should go home”. Earlier in the day Renzi told a meeting of MPs from his Democratic Party (PD) that the current legislature is “thrilling”. “This legislature – which will end in 2018 – is thrilling”. Renzi also warned that opposition delays mean his school reforms won’t be ready for September and the new school year. And he said that it is time to revert to what he called ‘Renzi 1’ approach to politics. Meanwhile, Renzi suggested that Marino should not be “relaxed” about his job, but putting the city of Rome under a special commissioner for reasons of mafia infiltration is not in the cards, Renzi said. “The commissioner for mafia option is non-existent,” he said. “The government will read prosecution documents but as far as we’re concerned the conditions aren’t there”. Marino, asked twice by reporters about Renzi’s remarks, would not comment. Meanwhile, Renzi said that complaining and micro-analysing every strain in his PD was “a great big bore” for the public and for him as well. His comments come after the PD lost several of last weekend’s city council runoffs, including in Venice. The party also lost Liguria in a round of regional elections last month and have a headache in Campania, where Vincenzo De Luca won the vote but risks being suspended because of an abuse-of-office conviction. De Luca was selected by the PD via a primary. Renzi added that he would like his PD to stop holding primaries to select all its major candidates. “I say no more PD primaries. I didn’t select the candidates. If it were for me, the season of primaries would be over”. Meanwhile, the premier said that he intends to revert to his former approach to politics, which he called ‘Renzi 1’. That, he said on Porta a Porta, can help recapture some of the “initial enthusiasm” around his party and its work. “Despite difficulties we have an extraordinary responsibility and we must not lose even one gram of the initial enthusiasm,” said Renzi. “Now we can talk about whether the Jobs Act has created jobs, how to bring new investments to Italy…if I have to talk about the Democratic Party (PD)…I’ll bore myself all on my own”. He also vowed promised a change of gear on the government’s ambitious reform programme. “The reforms are nearer, I’ll have to increase the revs, not decrease them,” he said. Still, the premier acknowledged that on school reforms, his government will need more time. He pledged a public meeting in early July with families and unions, and said that his school reform proposals won’t be ready by September because of opposition.


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