ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: Rome of Mayor Ignazio Marino, “DAJE, MY ASS!” (2013-15) [10|03|2015].

ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: Rome’s Mayor Ignazio Marino, “DAJE, MY ASS!” (2013-15):

“DAJE, MY ASS!… Rome’s museum’s bankrupt, closed, or are in the process of being closed. The artifacts in these museums are now rented to other foreign museums and other wealthy investors. Rome’s Archaeologists have no jobs, while those archaeologists that do work as professional guides will shortly lose their jobs to non-professional E.U. guides who will work for less pay, and don’t know damn thing about Rome’s cultural heritage. Rome’s archaeological sites (those open to the public) are filled with trash, over taken by pick-pockets, vandals and other thieves. Likewise, those ruins publically accessible are constantly blocked by the Tredicine criminal family’s trucks selling nothing but over-priced American tasteless crap to tourists. And Marino’s term as Mayor of Rome ends in 2023. To my Italian and Roman friends in Rome, God help you!”

Thanks Martin, Una Americano!


— ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: “ROME & YOU” – Ignazio Marino: “Pedonalizzerò i Fori imperiali” (2013-15). Foto & Stampa 1 di 424 | (i.e., 1 thur 424 items, A Digital Archive of Italian professional scholarly papers, Italian & International News and Photo’s resources documenting the F**king mess Mayor Iganzio Marino has made of Rome since 2013 until today) [03|2015].

ROMA ARCHEOLOGIA e RESTUARO ARCHITETTURA: "What's a Marino?" - Ignazio Marino a San Francisco. Ma negli Usa non se ne parla la stampa locale ancora non accenna nemmeno alla sua visita, CINQUE QOUTIDIANO (12|09|2014).