Mussolini’s Rome – The ‘Via Dell’ Impero’ and the ‘Imperial Forums’ (1924-40): The New Studies of the Fascist Systemization of the Imperial Forums and the Unpublished Archaeological Findings (1995-2010). pp. 1-21. Oct 10, 2010.
The purpose of this bibliographical reference paper is to provide university students, scholars with a supplementary updated bibliographical listing of the more recent scholarly publications and Italian news articles ([ca. 150 + listings] dating from 1995 to Oct. 2010) in reference to the Fascist period excavations in the Imperial Forums and simultaneous construction of the Via dell‟ Impero [now Via dei Fori Imperiali] between 1930-1936.
Introduction, pp. 1-2.
– Part. 1. “Via dell’impero. Nascita di una strada, demolizioni e scavi: 1930-1936. Scavi archeologici, sterri e demolizioni per l’apertura di via dell’Impero.” by: Umberto Broccoli, Claudio Parisi Presicce, & Maria Elisa Tittoni. Rome, July 22, 2009, pp. 3-7.
– Part. 2. Bibliography, Further Reading and [with Electronic] References, pp. 8-21.


PDF FILE = Rome: Via dell Impero & Imperial Forums Bibliography 1995-2010.